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Google Algorithm Updates and How They Can Affect Your Rankings

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Staying as high as possible on search engine results based on specific keywords is seen as the ultimate prize in search engine optimization. However, over the past few years, Google (one of the biggest search engines in the world) has been implementing a number of algorithm changes that are designed to give searchers better and useful results. The changes in algorithm are often sudden and in most cases they may get you unprepared. The major algorithm changes in the past have included Panda, Penguin and pigeons, but the most recent one has been dubbed the Mobilegeddon which basically encourages the design of mobile friendly websites.


How to Move Past Google Algorithm Updates


In most cases, a lot of sites will lose rankings after an update and some may remain static. However, Google algorithm updates don’t need to be a crisis and there is no reason why you cant readjust and reclaim your rankings within a short time. The following are some simple tips to help adjust your New Orleans Search Engine Optimization strategy after a Google algorithm update:

Carefully Understand What The Update Is About: If you have been affected by a Google algorithm update, try to first of all understand exactly what the update is about. For example, the latest Mobilegeddon update is simply designed to give more priority on search rankings to websites that are already mobile friendly. If the update has affected your ranking, then the obvious response is to make your site mobile friendly.


Conduct a full SEO Audit


Sometimes you may make the mistake of blaming the drop in your rankings to a Google algorithm update while maybe there are other errors in your search engine marketing plan. After every Google update, ensure you have done a comprehensive SEO audit just to be certain that the update is not the only problem.  DEAN Knows provides a FREE SEO Website Audit.

Getting through a Google update is very easy but make sure you are always prepared before the changes take effect.