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DEAN Knows is a Search Engine Optimization – SEO Company based out of Greater New Orleans.  We focus on making your business website productive and successful.  Our goal is not only to get you to place well in Google searches, but to Dominate Google searches.  We have the ability to have your website show up for specific keywords, not just on page one, but in multiple places on page one!

Today, it’s almost impossible to have a business and not have some form of web presence. If you are like most business owners, you don’t receive much of a return on your investment from your website.  That is not because digital marketing doesn’t work, it’s simply because your potential customers can’t find you.  Sure…if they type in your website address, they will pull up your website, but that doesn’t generate any new business.  They key to successful Digital Marketing is having your website be on page one of Google when your potential client puts certain keywords in their search on the internet.

Holistic Digital Marketing

DEAN Knows takes a holistic approach to Digital Marketing utilizing a variety of tools make the web a revenue source for your business.  We combine SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for organic ranking on Google.  We also utilize SEM or Search Engine Marketing which uses Google AdWords for paid advertisement when it makes sense.  Lastly, we combine the power of Social Media to drive traffic to your website.

Depending on what makes sense for your company, we can run customized Social Media Marketing Campaigns targeting your customers.  We utilize re-marketing, which shows advertisements on Google Ad Partners and on Social Media after someone has visited your website.

High Quality Backlinks

Link Building is a very important part of any Search Engine Optimization campaign. Google looks very closely at websites that place links to your website.  The more powerful and authoritative the linking website, the more credit you get with Google.  For instance, if writes an article, and in that article they reference New Orleans SEO Company and that link resolves to your website, you will get tremendous ranking for New Orleans SEO Company.  In addition, it’s critical that only credible websites link to your website.  

Social Media Signals

Social Signals in SEO has becomes more and more powerful every day.  With the absolute explosion of Social Media, the search engines have declared that if your website is mentioned or linked to on many social media posts, you must have a quality site. DEAN Knows will actually not only create your social media signals, but we can have them posted to a variety of social media platforms by multiple, human users. 

Although link building is still extremely important in an SEO strategy, link building has been abused over the years by many SEO gurus.  Google and other search engines have been migrating more towards Social Media Signals to show the quality of a website.  

Why Us?

Everything we do must bring a solid return on investment to our clients.  We make sure that our services work for you.

We build long term relationships with our clients and we value being the technology arm of our business partners.

Having a great Website is of no use if no one can find it!

We do the work so your website is found for the keywords that matter to your business.

DEAN Knows leverages Social Media Marketing with your SEO campaigns to achieve the best results

We understand that the center any Digital Marketing is a great website. We also understand that a great website on its own is not enough.  If your website doesn’t provide you with a solid return on investment, it will be a disappointing.  That return on investment comes from utilizing all forms of Digital Advertising to meet your goals.  Search Engine Optimization being a major part of any digital campaign, is the one that provides the long term results.

All other aspects of lead generation from the web go away as soon as you stop paying for them.  SEO, once implemented over a period of time, has very long lasting effects.  All of the other aspects of digital marketing play a part in achieving that final destination of being on page one of Google for the keywords that matter to your business. Let DEAN Knows be your New Orleans SEO Company.

We offer cost effective, dependable hosting services for your website so you never have to worry about your site being down.

We can provide business level e-mail services through either Google Apps for Business or Microsoft Office 365.

DEAN Knows offers full website maintenance including weekly backups, plugin and theme updates, SEO updates, customer requested copy and design changes included.

If in your new website design, you have an idea and would like to see it implemented, we can make that happen. We can integrate existing tools that you may be using or build something from scratch to make your ideas come to life on the web.

Search Engine Optimization is the difference between success and lackluster performance for a website.  Dominating Google for the keywords that drive your business must be in place.  For the more competitive web verticals, we offer Advanced SEO Services which we call Ninja SEO.

DEAN Knows provides quality website redesigns at affordable prices.  Many websites suffer from a major plunge in Search Engine Results after a web design, we know how to keep your site ranking even after it gets a facelift.

Although we do website design all over the country, we specialize in New Orleans Web Design.  With our deep roots in New Orleans, we understand how the Residents on New Orleans think and what they expect. This provides us with a distinct advantage over other web designers in creating a modern website that produces results for New Orleans based businesses.T STARTED DOMINATING GOOGLE TODAY

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