Dean’s Hi Fi System

With new hi fi audio equipment constantly in rotation, here are some personal systems since from 2013

Current System



Audio Research Classic 60


Audio Research LS2B

Phono Preamplifier:




Wadia Digimaster X32



Furman Elite 15

Dean Cacioppo – Audio Bio

I was a little different as a kid.  Starting in Jr High and through High School,  I did not have a bed in my room – instead, I opted for a sofa so I could position my speakers and listening position properly. Most of the people who knew me back then thought of me as the stereo guy.


Dean Cacioppo

In my 20s through my 30s I worked on and off, for a high-end audio shop that had been around since I was a kid. I was lucky enough to bring home any equipment I wanted… as long as I brought it back. At the pinnacle of its popularity, I also managed the largest mobile audio store in the area but my passion was two channel home audio.  I eventually moved into real estate as it gave me enough time to raise my kids and listen to music.

Now, I have six children (most grown) and run an SEO agency based out of New Orleans. Although I’m a terrible writer, I strangely enjoy writing about audio equipment and have done so for a handful of online periodicals over the years, currently at the Tracking Angle.

Building Systems

Since I didn’t have the kind of money many of my high end clients had, I became committed to creating my own “better sounding” setup that I could afford. That meant I really had to match components, set up my room well and try every “tweak” imaginable.

For over 30 years, I was the guy that sacrificed all usability of my living space for audio.  If you didn’t like the fact that the speakers had to be into the center of the room and you had to step over speaker wires to walk to the kitchen, then you shouldn’t be coming over. Even with a wife and children, I managed to get away with that at home for a long time.

My Prism

For me, any piece of audio equipment must have some level of value. Although I can fully appreciate the upper echelon of fidelity, I am more impressed when a company puts out a slice of audio nirvana within a price range that meets a wider range of music lovers. 

As a music lover with a passion for the equipment that produces it, I pride myself on the ability to create a blissful system by properly matching components, room setup and tweaks as opposed to just throwing money at it.

There is nothing like finding synergy in a system that really lets the music take you over.