Making Your Website Fast and Secure

Google’s is pushing to make the internet a little safer by warning users when they are on a website that does not have an SSL Certificate (HTTPS as opposed to HTTP).  This has forced website owners around the globe to figure out how to make their site “secure” to avoid the loss in traffic associated with the new ominous warning message.


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In addition to avoiding the warning, securing your website with an SSL Certificate will give your website a slight advantage for Search Engine Optimization over the sites that are not secured.  With DEAN Knows being an SEO Agency first, we needed a smooth process for migrating websites from HTTP to HTTPS.


Website Speed for SEO

Another major factor in SEO for 2018 is website speed.  Everyone has gone to a website that takes 14 seconds to load — did YOU wait or move on to the next website?  Don’t give your clients that experience.


Our Solution

DEAN Knows has come up with a simple and affordable solution that not only makes your website secure and avoids the scary Google warning, but adds a ton of SPEED to your website in the process.


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What Do You Get?

  • Full SSL Certificate installed and configured on your website
  • Never need to update the encryption key (most SSLs require a key to be updated every year or your site goes down)
  • Conversion of your site to arguably the FASTEST WordPress Hosting on the planet
  • NEW Automated, Daily Backups of your site, going back 30 days
  • NEW Development & Stagings environments for easy and safe updating of your website
  • CDN – Content Delivery Network for the fastest load times of even large files
  • Correct Implementation of all 301 redirects — from HTTP to HTTPS
  • Correction of all “mixed content errors” to insure you see all of the benefits of your SSL Security Certificate


How Much Does it Cost?

Setup and Implementation of everything above – one time charge of $599 – INCLUDING YOUR SSL CERTIFICATE!

If you are a previous customer of DEAN Knows – YOU only pay $499.  We take care of our people 🙂

Monthly Hosting – $35 per month – or get two months free with annual subscription.  This REPLACES your existing hosting plan and includes your SSL Certificate, Backup, CDN and of course….LIGHTNING SPEED


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Beat Google’s Deadline!

Google is slated to roll out the new “security warnings” will be rolling out worldwide in July of 2018.  For more information on Google’s scare tactic to push the web to SSL certificates, click HERE.


Make My Site Secure and Blazing Fast!


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