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Search Engine Optimization – SEOis building a website under the best practices for being found and ranked highly by search engines. There are hundreds of aspects of a website that dictate if how a search engine will see and rank your site. It is critical that you have control of that and build your website, utilizing SEO best practices to be indexed highly for the keywords you need to build your business. This will give organic search engine traffic over time and let you dominate the keywords searches that are important to your business for lead generation. You can use our FREE SEO Site Check to check your websites SEO. Read more about our Search Engine Marketing Techniques!

Search Engine Marketing, SEM


Search Engine Marketing – SEM – is using the advertising arm of search engines to jump start lead generation and search results placement – SERP- on the major search engines. Paying for web placement for a set of business specific keywords plays an important role in generating the required web traffic to generate leads. In many instances, SEM is only used at the start of a digital advertising campaign, coupled with Social Media Advertising. Once the desired traffic has been obtained, SEO – Search Engine Optimization should take over for organic search results.







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Search Engine Marketing
  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization will generate organic search results for the keywords that you need your business to be found by. With a high level of focus on New Orleans SEO, we can provide traffic for your business
  • SEM – Search Engine Marketing is a critical part in jump starting your digital marketing campaign. Being found at the top of specific searches generates immediate traffic for the keywords you need to build your on line presence.
  • Properly combining the right amount of SEM with ongoing SEO Marketing, focusing on pre-determined search terms is key to a long term digital marketing strategy.
SEO Search Engine Optimization

Know Your SERPS


If you have a business today, you know how important it is to have a web presence.  Regardless of how great your website is, if the site cannot be found on Google using the keywords that you need, what good is it? There is an old joke within an SEO Company:  Where do you hide a dead body?  On page 2 of Google!

Where your website shows up on the major search engines (like Google, Yahoo and Bing) for certain terms are called your SERPS– Search Engine Results Pages.  One very common misconception is that you can simply pull up your personal computer, go to your favorite search engine, type in your keywords and see the results.  That is logical isn’t it?  Some time ago Google customized their searches.  What that means is that if you consistently go to your own website, like it on Facebook and Google+, when you do a search, you will see your site rank unusual high.  Anyone else making the same search may NOT see your site at all!  We can stress enough…know where your site ranks for the keywords that are important to your business. To see where your site truly ranks contact the #1 New Orleans SEO Company- DEAN Knows.


Having a true digital marketing strategy requires knowledge on all aspects of digital advertising. SEM and Social Media Marketing coupled with the right SEO Services — Search Engine Optimization –all need to work in concert for a holistic approach to digital marketing. Many companies only focus on one aspect, which forces businesses to either not have a coordinated effort or to miss an important piece of the puzzle.  DEAN Knows handles, creates and manages all aspects of digital advertising. Feel free to use our FREE SEO Site Audit check your site now.

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