Watch your SERPS Penguin

Watch Your SERPS–A New Penguin is on the Loose!

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Watch Your SERPS–A New Penguin on the Loose!


How Google’s new algorithm change can affect the way your website it found…


It has been confirmed that Google has updated its search algorithm with its newest Penguin update.  Penguin has been changing the way Google ranks web sites since 2012.  Most of the changes attributed to Penguin have been Google’s attempt to squash the people trying to “game” the system,   sometimes this has hurt legit companies or companies that have hired an “SEO Guru” who utilized the techniques that Google is trying to dissuade people from using.

SEO and Backlinks

What we have seen a lot of recently is Google knocking you down if you have a substantial amount of back-links coming to your site that are coming from the same site or otherwise and unscrupulous location or locations.  One of the big factors of Google placement has always been to look at the links from other sites that come to yours.  Some people have gamed the system by creating tons of links from different places all pointing to their site (or a site they are managing for SEO).  This is one of the major things that the Google Penguin updates has been cracking down on.  That is why they have given you the Disavow Tool  to look at what links are pointing to your site and give you the ability to remove them in bulk.

Since Google usually doesn’t make any big announcement on their changes, it is said that Friday October 17th people started noticing changes.  With this, the 6th release of Penguin, we expect more of the same….penalizing websites that have a multitude of “grey area” links going back to them.  The last update to Penguin, was October of 2013—and had some pretty interesting effects to sites big and small.    I find it amusing that they know what negatively affects your site better than anyone, they give you a tool to see what is there, but you still have to go through and figure out what to remove.

What do I do about Google Penguin?

The thing you need to be doing is checking your SERPS.  What are SERPS?  SERPS are where you site comes up from a particular search in Google.  For a much better definition click WHAT ARE SERPS?  You need to be paying attention to the currently search rankings for search terms that your used to do well on.  This may have changed and you need to be aware and make the appropriate adjustments.  In many instances, you cant simply Google the search term on your machine as other factors very specific to you may affect those results.  There are a variety of tools that let you see where you truly rank and here are some popular ones:


This is only one piece of the Google Penguin update and only scratching the surface on this topic.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) must be monitored and adjusted constantly.  Its not a set it and forget it type of thing.

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