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4 NEW Facebook Features You NEED To Know About!

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Facebook is constantly evolving and rolling out new features and functionality.  It can be a full time job simply keeping up with the new, cool things that are now available.  DEAN Knows thought we would list out some of the newer, little promoted features that you may find useful.

Saving Facebook Posts

Sometimes when you are scrolling through your Facebook feed you see something that interests you, but don’t have time to read it.  Now you can save that post to review when you have a little more time.  This is a much needed feature that I feel will get a lot of attention once everyone knows about it.  It is super easy to Save a Post…


Once you see a post you would like to save, simply click the little arrow at the top right of the post and choose “Save” from the dropdown.  When you are ready to review your Saved Posts, just look to the menu on the left side of your wall and click Saved.









Facebook Rooms

I’m sure that you are already familiar with Facebook Groups and Facebook Pages—they also have Facebook Rooms.  A Room is a topic specific, anonymous room that contains a feed of text, videos and photos.  If you are familiar with Instagram, this is a similar feature.  Rooms are a little different in that you can not search for a room on a particular topic. If you are the creator of a Room, you can share invites using QR codes on any media you choose—so the subscriber stays anonymous.  Facebook has released an App for accessing Rooms—upon downloading the app, they will recommend Rooms for you. The fact that you are totally anonymous when posting to a room creates a different experience.  Lord knows people have a tendency to behave differently when they are anonymous.  Android users will have to wait a bit, as of now Facebook has only released the Rooms App for iPhone — Click HERE to get the Facebook Rooms App.

Facebook Groups App

Most of us are already familiar with Facebook Groups, now you can stay current on your Groups on mobile devices by using the Facebook Groups App.  Facebook Groups are places where people with common interests post text, video and photos, ask questions and get answers.  Many have created groups for family and even work projects.  Groups can be Open or Closed — closed Groups lets the creator of the Group decide if someone can participate.

Search Past Facebook Posts

Have you ever remembered reading a neat post and had to scroll back through days of content to find it again?  Yep, we all have.  Possibly one of the coolest things Facebook has done is giving us the ability to use the Facebook Search to find old posts.  With Facebook knowing that people spend hours on their site every day, coupled with the fact that they have created an entire ecosystem of personal and professional information, they are betting big on their Graph Search.  Now you can type in “Pictures from graduation” and find things (pictures, articles, posts, etc) that have previously been shared with you in the past.


We will continue to keep you abreast of new and cool features by all of your social media applications so check back soon!