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New Ways to “like” a Facebook Post

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We have all been there…we appreciate a Facebook Post, but “liking” it just didn’t get our point across.  Now, Facebook has given us new options in expressing ourselves on the feeling that a particular post invokes.

“Likes” Are Just Not Enough

It has been a quagmire for me at least….someone makes a Facebook Post about their Grandfather passing away—should you “like” that?  Something about liking the fact that something horrible is taking place with one of our Facebook Friends just doesn’t seem right.  Now…we have more options!  Facebook, in their infinite wisdom, has granted us…the lonely Facebook addict, the ability to use a variety of different emotions in addition to our standard “Thumbs Up”.

More Ways to Express Yourself

You now have multiple ways to express your elation or disdain when one of your Facebook Friends posts something.

Now You Can Express:

  • Love
  • Laughter
  • Anger
  • Surprise
  • Sadness

We were all waiting for the “Dislike” button, but Facebook surprised us with giving us EVEN MORE ways to truly express ourselves!

Facebook Reactions - new facebook feature This is the new Facebook Reactions (as they are called) which was rolled out on Wednesday 2-24-2015 to Facebook users.  Now you have the ability to really show how you feel about someones post—and not feel “weird” about it.

Now we can spend even more time trolling Facebook Posts and making more appropriate comments without having to use words.  I’m excited!

Time Saved on Facebook

Just think of all of the time we will now save by simply choosing an emotion. NOW…Facebook Reactions can now fully describe how we feel!  No more taking the time to thumb through some “I’m sorry to hear that” or “I hate it when that happens” type of responses.  Just think, we wont have to read through all of those silly responses now either…we can simply look at the emojis and know what other people are thinking.

I Can’t Wait!!!  How Do I Do It?

I never thought you would ask.  Showing your emotional status to someone else’s Facebook Post has never been easier!  That is as long as you are not using your Facebook App or a browser other than Google Chrome.  I have downloaded the newest update (as of 2-24-15) for my Android version of the Facebook app—but holding down the “like” button gave me the same old like.  Although on desktop, we have been successful in testing the new Facebook Reaction feature on Google Chrome—but were woefully unsuccessful in getting the newest Facebook feature to work on Firefox.  I’m sure that will be corrected in a couple days—most likely by the time you are reading this.  So the way its SUPPOSED to work is to simply hold your finger down over the “like” button (on a phone) and on a computer, you would simply hover your mouse over the “like” button.   Good Stuff.

Share in the Excitement!

I’m sure you all share in my excitement of displaying your emotions via a tiny, round icon.  We ask that you take a screenshot of your first “FACEBOOK REACTION” and post it as a response to this blog.  Then, we all go down in history as being early adopters of such a life changing moment.