Reduce Your Facebook Ad costs

Facebook Ads – How To Reduce Your Spend Getting The Same Reach

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Facebook Ads – How To Get The Same Reach At A Fraction Of The Cost

In today’s world of Digital Marketing, Facebook Ads are all the rage nowadays. We will discuss how to substantially Reduce Your Facebook Ad Spend while driving the same traffic to your landing page.  If you have not run a Facebook Ad, for most marketers the goal is to create a targeted audience, create your ad to run on the News Feed of those Facebook users.  When one of your potential customers clicks on the ad, they then go to a custom built landing page on your website to convert that user to a lead.  Click for details on how to build your own Facebook Ad.  Anyone who has placed a Facebook Ad understands that the reach (how many people your ad will display to) can get really expensive.  There is a little known trick on how to manipulate the system to substantially decrease your Facebook Ad Spend while getting the exact same reach and get in front of the exact same audience.


How Do I Decrease My Facebook Ad Spend?

facebook ad tips Facebook likes to keep people within the Facebook universe. You will notice that if you run a Facebook Ad in which the goal is to simply “Get Likes” to your Facebook page, then you can push that in front of a lot of people pretty inexpensively.   If the goal of your advertisement is to drive the traffic AWAY from Facebook and bring them to a landing page on your personal website, those ads run substantially more for the exact same reach. This trick shows how to leverage that system to get the cost per person reached at the “internal Facebook cost” while still driving that traffic outside of Facebook to your landing page. You know that is awesome!


Redirect Your Facebook Ad Traffic

The idea behind this Digital Marketing Strategy is that you will pay for a Facebook Ad that keeps the user on Facebook, while actually driving that traffic to your landing page. The way we will achieve this is to use an iFrame Redirect. There are a handful of ways to achieve this but we are going to use Woobox to redirect our ad traffic to our website’s landing page.   Its pretty simple to set up. What you will do is install a Fangate Tab on your business Facebook Page, select the Redirect option and enter the URL of your landing page on your own website. Save your settings.


Build Your Facebook Ad

facebook news feed changes Now since you have a redirect to your websites landing page you will create your Facebook Ad, choosing the objective of your campaign to be “Promote Your Page” and choose your recently created tab for your Facebook Ad to go to. If you are following, that will simply run the Facebook Ad, paying the rates for pushing people to your Facebook Page (which is substantially cheaper) but ultimately redirect those people to your custom built landing page. Pretty Awesome Hua?


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