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Why Your Website Is Worthless Without SEO

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Why Your Website Is Worthless Without SEO


Without gas, your favorite truck couldn’t leave the driveway. And without wings, your private jet couldn’t fly. Simply put, without vital components, your asset can’t grow to its maximum potential. This also applies to marketing your products or services online.

Your website on its own can’t go so far. Whether you pumped thousands for a fully customized website or you’ve spent years to build one from scratch, the golden rule for websites will still stand: it doesn’t matter how attractive you website is if it can’t be found, it’s all for naught.


Search Engines


Keep in mind that popular search engines such as Google, Bing, and yahoo crawl the different pages on your website with certain sophisticated bots. If they find it difficult to read the elements of your pages, their search results will also be inaccurate. So your website will remain invisible because they won’t be able to figure out what your website is a bout. As you can see, your website will simply be worthless.

A few years ago, when only 20 percent of businesses had websites for their products and services, just having any form of website was enough. Now, however, with an estimated 90 percent of businesses having websites up for their products and services, it requires a little more effort to differentiate yourself from hundreds of competitors in your region.


You Have To Rank On Page One


When your clients search for the products or services that you (and your competitors) offer, usually they will opt for the few top results. If you are not on the front page, you are definitely going to hard time showing off your attractive website to these clients.

To ensure that your business is successful, it is critical that you integrate the best SEO practices when building your website. If you are working a website design company or a seo company, ensure that their seo services are up to date with the latest SEO practices and that they follow the SEO guidelines religiously.