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Real Estate Keywords for SEO

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SEO Keywords For Real Estate

Keywords for real estate SEO should be an easy task.  You would think real estate keywords would be simple because there are specific search terms used, simply with the *city* added to the search.  The main real estate searches are:

  • *city* homes for sale
  • *city state abr* homes for sale
  • homes for sale *city*
  • homes for sale in *city*
  • homes for sale *city state abr*
  • homes for sale in …. OK you get the point?

You can add all of the different degrees in which you use the same words in a search query.  Each search term will return a different set of search engine placement results and be searched a different number of times.  You can also add *city* real estate and all of the derivatives of that search phrase.

You need to get the number of searches (globally and locally), look at the level of competition for each of those searches, and record the average Cost Per Click (CPC) paid to Google to “buy” page one rankings (Google Ad Words). Put all of that in a spreadsheet.  This is the beginning stage, the data discovery portion of real estate keyword research.

Keyword Strategy

Now that you have your spreadsheet with all of the search terms and the metrics for those search terms, you can make decisions on priorities of what to rank your real estate website for.  You are looking for not only a real estate search phrase that not only gets a large number of searches, but has a strong possibly for getting a conversion from the traffic.  For instance, the search term “street lights” may get more searches, but if you are selling solar street lights, that is not the traffic that you want.

The same thing applies to real estate.  Think about where the “searcher” is in their personal real estate sales cycle.  Is the person typing *insert search here” in the beginning stages of their real estate journey?  For instance, ranking for *subdivision* homes for sale (and the derivatives of) generally attracts home buyers while they are closer to seeing homes and actually writing an offer.  They are further down the real estate sales cycle.  In many instances, you will see a much higher Cost Per Click (CPC) for keywords that convert.  The reason the CPC is higher for those search terms is simple… real estate marketers have already figured out which keywords convert the best.  Thus they are willing to pay more for them.

I Have My Real Estate Keywords – Now What?

Once you have your real estate keywords strategy planned out, the next step in the process is the website’s URL structure.  You need to “silo the site” in a way that includes your main keywords in your URL in a logical, ordered way.  For instance, you do not want your URL for Financing for First Time Home buyers to be:

You would want something like this:

Each section of the URL should be your main keywords with pertinent, original content on each page.  As a pretty good example, look at the URL for THIS blog post:

This is NOT a full definition or instruction for “siloing a website”.  We will work on laying that out in another real estate SEO blog post.

LSI Keywords for Real Estate

Technically LSI keywords are:

LSI Keywords are essentially keywords related to the keyword that you search for on search engines such as Google. In a nutshell, they are keywords that are semantically linked to your main keyword.

What that means in English is Google has figured out how people talk, which ultimately determines the differences in the way people search.  LSI keywords are the similar terms, other than your main keywords, that would ultimately be used in or around your main keywords.  For instance, if I wanted to show a LSI keywords list for “real estate SEO keywords” those would be something like:

  • real estate seo expert
  • website real estate
  • real estate website templates
  • make a real estate website
  • creating real estate website
  • real estate seo
  • seo for realtors
  • real estate seo tips
  • seo real estate meaning
  • real estate search engine optimization
  • meta keywords for real estate

If Google sees that you are using LSI keywords in your web page or post, they believe that must be relative content.  You want to work your LSI keywords into your pages and posts on your real estate website and avoid using your main key phrases too much, except in the domain and main headers.  click to see a good LSI keyword tool.

You Know Everything There Is To Know About Real Estate SEO Now

Not really, but this post was only on real estate keywords.  Although this is a good beginning, there is still a lot more, even to real estate keywords, to be discussed in one blog post.  The main thing you should be taking away from this is that Search Engine Optimization, especially for real estate, is MUCH more than simply words on a page.  It requires a well thought out strategy based off of empirical data and research.

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About The Author:

Dean Cacioppo is the owner of DEAN Knows which specializes in real estate SEO.  Leaning on decades of experience from being a multi-million dollar producing REALTOR, to the “tech guy” for one of the largest real estate brands in the country, to real estate broker to owning DEAN Knows, Dean now brings enterprise level Digital Marketing to small and medium sized real estate brokers.  In addition, as an IDX expert, Dean has been President of one of the largest MLS’s in the country and sat on numerous technology boards and “big broker think tank groups” in addition to building custom broker technology tools and services.