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DEAN Knows brings all of the pieces of Digital Online Marketing together in a powerful synergy. Creating Online Marketing Systems with a holistic approach, customized for your business.


SEO – Search Engine Optimization


SEO DEAN Knows is a New Orleans SEO Company that specializes in Search Engine OptimizationSEO – in are business verticals.  We have decades of providing SEO Services and experience going back before Google was even in existence.  Our website design knowledge came out of Search Engine Marketing techniques that we were implementing on existing websites. We found that many websites that we were working on needed to be restructured to take advantage of some of the SEO Basics that should have been implemented in the design stage of the website. This forced us to take up Website Design simply to get an older website to perform well in search results for the keywords that our clients needed. We focus on Local SEO by doing extensive Keyword Research to find the best SEO Keywords so our clients dominate in search results.  DEAN Knows currently provides a FREE SEO Audit to check your own website for SEO effectiveness.


Social Media Marketing


Social Media has taken the world by storm.  We we heavily involved in all of the major Social Media platforms for years.  We

Social Media Advertising
Social Media Advertising

watched as they built their customer base while not pushing advertising, understanding that selling Social Media Advertising was the endgame.  First, each Social Media Platform needed to build their customer base and gain loyal followers.  We worked in that environment leveraging the Free Social Media Tools knowing that after they built their loyal following, they would start charging for their Digital Marketing. Now, Social Media Marketing should be a part of any Online Advertising CampaignWe work to build effective, long last Social Media Marketing Strategies that work in tandem with Search Engine Optimization to generate targeted traffic to your websites and directly generate customers and leads.


Real Estate Technology


With a long history of working in Real Estate Technology, DEAN Knows brings the experience you need to make sure that your money is well spent.  With thousands of Real Estate Technology Tools and Services out there, how do you know which ones you need?  How do you know how to utilize it to its fullest?  How do you know how to connect all of the tools together to bring a true technology synergy to your real estate brokerage or team?  We are a true Real Estate Technology Consultant with high levels of insight on not only real estate tools and services, but IDX, VOW, Process Workflow, Training, Lead Generation and much more.

Search Engine Optimization for Real Estate has historically been extremely difficult.  With the large national syndication such as Zillow, Trulia,, Movoto and how can you compete?  It is doable, but you need a solid strategy.


Website Design

Real Estate Websites

As mentioned prior, we moved into a Website Design Company only out of necessity.  We found that regardless of how pretty your site was, if it didn’t get traffic from search engines it was doomed to fail.  We build all of our websites on very common platforms that anyone can come behind.  Upon us building a custom website for you, you then totally own the site. We don’t require any recurring monthly payments.  We build each site specifically for your end goal from the ground up.  Each site contains On Page SEO and all other SEO Basics.  Every website we build is fully responsive and renders beautifully on all mobile devices.  We have studied Jakob Nielsen and follow all best practices for Web Usability.

DEAN Knows utilizes all of the tools that the internet has to offer to drive traffic, generate leads and add to your bottom line.  We understand that any business investment must have a good return on investment (ROI) so we look at how your business operates before designing a Digital Marketing Campaign.