Dean Cacioppo


Who Is DEAN and What Does He Know?

DEAN Knows is owned by Dean Cacioppo, a lifelong technology enthusiast.  We also employ 6 employees across the country.  In addition to our team, we have a select group of highly qualified subcontractors that we rely on for different projects.  Our team has specialties like Web Development, Branding, Copy-writing, Social Media Experts, Backlink Outreach Partners, IDX Partners, Graphics and Design.  We also have highly qualified Network Engineers, Database Administrators and support staff for when the job requires.

DEAN Knows Real Estate Technology

Dean Cacioppo Dean has worked as a real estate agent, real estate instructor and has years of experience working on the technology side for major Real Estate Brokers, Agents and MLS’s.  Dean has sat on the Board of Directors for multiple MLS’s including being elected to President.  Years of serving on a number of MLS Committees for multiple boards, served on the Strategic Planning Committee for Louisiana REALTORS and participated in many task forces and committees for the benefit of all Real Estate Agents in Louisiana.  Currently Dean is working on getting a statewide MLS for Louisiana.

Dean has provided live training on technology, direct IT and Technological Support to thousands of Real Estate Agents for over ten years.  With years of being the go-to guy on technology strategy, training and support for Brokers and MLS’s, you can now have direct access to Dean for your personal technology needs.  We are always here to answer questions.  Real Estate is extremely competitive on the web and we specialize in Real Estate Websites, SEO for Real Estate and Social Media Marketing for Real Estate.  Please don’t be confused, we are happy to work in all business verticals and have quite a bit of experience in a variety of markets.

DEAN Knows Social Media Marketing

In the past 8 years, we have spent countless hours studying Social Media and how to leverage each individual platform to increase revenue. In the beginning, this was much more challenging as the business models for most Social Media platforms relied on acquiring users and not monetizing the user data…Yet.  Since the larger Social Networking platforms have went public, they have released many tools for Digital Marketers.  All providing a different slant on using their unique user data for hyper-targeted advertising, each major Social Media platform now servers a specific marketing purpose.  DEAN Knows has run hundreds of Social Media Marketing Campaigns on a variety of products and services.  We believe that each Social Media Campaign requires thought to know which medium to utilize and a strategy to insure that every campaign has a solid return on investment.


Since the early days, even before Google, Dean was interested in Web Design & Search Engine Optimization   At that time, the “trick” to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) was to put your keywords at the bottom of the page, in the same color as the background.  It worked back then—but then came Google!  Today, SEO is substantially more complicated and relies on a variety of factors.  A site must first be built (or rebuilt) from the ground up with good SEO “bones”.

That means having a good URL structure and having topics and internal links “siloed” or “themed”.  At the very minimum, you need proper H1, H2 and H3 headers and great original content.  You must have your Meta Title and Meta Description in accordance with the copy on the page.  These are all basic Search Engine Optimization rules and that is what is put into every site we design.  If you are going after a very competitive set of keywords, in a competitive market—Ninja SEO is needed. Yep, we do that too. Check out our FREE Website SEO Audit Tool to check your website.

DEAN Knows Website Design

The first website was around 2004 or 2005 and was called The Audio Garage and focused on Hi-End Home Audio.  With a fancy scrolling “Audio Garage” across the top of what today would look like a really bad PowerPoint.  Today, we have built some extremely high traffic, cutting edge websites.  Each site we build is built to suite and totally custom.

We make sure that our customers OWN their website and OWN their domain.  We pride ourselves on building quality websites and having happy, long term customers.  We are happy to work with any budget from the small one or two page site to the extremely large complex site with multiple integrations.  I will quote an old tech friend—-“we can build a bridge to Hawaii if you have the money”.

The first question we ask when speaking to someone about a website is “what is your goal”?  For some, its pride of having a great site for branding, for some its SEO and web presence for some its strictly to acquire new business.  Whatever you goal or budget is for your next website, we are happy to work with you to exceed your expectations.

Other Stuff

In addition to digital marketing and technology Dean also has six children ranging from 6 to 27 years old. Dean also writes on technology, politics and search engine optimization for many popular websites.  Dean is also the founder of One Click SEO – an SEO Agency with offices in New Orleans, Little Rock and Tri-Cities Washington.with clients in the US, Mexico and Canada. A lot of time is spent entertaining, reviewing high end home audio, drinking quality bourbon and talking shop.