Real Estate Technology

With over a decade in working with some of the biggest names in Real Estate, DEAN Knows can assist you with getting all of the right tools in place for success.  At the brokerage level we assist in setting up all of the systems needed to generate leads and grow the value proposition with your agents.  At the agent level, we give you access to the same technical knowledge as the biggest brokers in the country. We also assist in MLS training and training on the larger broker tool sets.  In addition, we even provide remote and onsite PC and Mac support. We have a deep history in creating online seller leads at a much lower cost than referrals or sites like Zillow and

Website Design

Not only is your business website your online persona, but it should act as the hub of all of your marketing pushes. Your website needs not only to look great, but be user friendly and intuitive. With the increase of your customers using mobile devices, your website needs to display beautifully on mobile phones and well as tablets.  Just to acquire web traffic doesn’t put money in the bank, a good web design will lend itself to customer conversion to maximize your traffic. We believe you should OWN your website.  All of the websites we design and build are totally owned by our customers and built on the most popular and progressive frameworks.


Building or redesigning a website under the best practices for being found and ranked highly by search engines. There are hundreds of aspects of a website that dictate how a search engine will see and rank your site. It is critical that you have control and build your website, utilizing SEO best practices to be ranked highly for the keywords you need to build your business. This will give organic search engine traffic over time and let you dominate the keywords searches that are important to your business for lead generation.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Advertising Campaigns has changed marketing forever.  Very similar to what Google did in the mid 2000’s.  Social Media Advertising lets you customize who will see your ad using all of the information that is provided to the platform.  You can micro-target your ad very specifically to be delivered only to your potential clients. This reduces your overall marketing spend because you are only paying for your ad to be seen by YOUR customers.  Demographic options include, location, net worth, likes, marital status, education, income, needs, wants and purchasing habits and much more.


  • Return On Investment

    Everything we do must bring a solid return on investment to our clients.  We make sure that our services work for you. Whether we are designing a new website, providing SEO Services or running a Social Media Advertising Campaign, we know it must deliver.

  • True Business Partner

    We build long term relationships with our clients and we value being the technology arm of our business partners. We get to know your business and your customers so we can effectively create Digital Marketing that delivers over the long term.

  • Product Campaigns

    Every Marketing Campaign we do is customized to your business and your customers.  We can leverage all forms of Digital Marketing depending on the product or service being offered.  We understand the different value of each marketing channel and only use the appropriate one for your campaign.

  • Increase Web Traffic

    Increased web presence provides customer loyalty and a steady flow of new clients. We use a variety of techniques to drive web traffic to your site include On Site SEO, Link building, Social Media and Search Engine Marketing and Ninja SEO.


We have a holistic approach to technology and Digital Marketing.  Everything must work in concert for any project to be a success. With a beautiful website at the center, we leverage multiple Social Media platforms, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), coupled with best practices for capturing and cultivating leads.  Each business vertical has a different customer base and we focus on the Digital Marketing that your business needs, leveraging specifically the Social Media platforms that make sense. Tapping into the vast amount of data aggregated by social media sites, you can micro-target to your specific customer base, for an inexpensive and extremely effective marketing strategy.


Facebook lets you micro-target your ad very specifically to be delivered only to your potential clients. This reduces your overall marketing spend because you are only paying for your ad to be seen by YOUR customers. Demographic options include, location, net worth, likes, marital status, education, income, needs, wants and purchasing habits and much more.



LinkedIn Advertising fits the need to get in front of business to business clients. LinkedIn Advertising is also extremely strong at acquiring new talent for your company. With the ability to target market specifically to certain business titles, you can get in front of the true decision maker.


Google+ is great for location based business and Google Maps tie directly in and is extremely critical for Search Engine Optimization.


Twitter Advertising can drive customer engagement utilizing special offers, tweet engagements and app downloads. Fitting a specific business advertising need, Twitter Advertising can be extremely effective.


Search Engine Optimization plays a pivotal role if your business relies on customers searching the internet within your industry.  Dominating Google for the keywords that drive your business can be a game changer.

Web Design

At the center of all Digital Marketing is a beautifully designed and usable website.  This is where you hang your marketing campaign, lead generator, customer satisfaction hub and it becomes your businesses online persona.




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