GEO marketing to bring in customers

Using GEO Marketing To Bring Customers to Your Storefront

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Using GEO Marketing To Bring Customers To Your Local Business

If you own a bricks and mortar type of business that relies on walk in traffic to generate review, we will show you one quick way to bring customers directly to your door using a Facebook Ad.  In addition to Local SEO, localized Facebook Ads, which target specifically your potential clients that are in your general vicinity at the moment should be part of your Digital Marketing System.


Local SEO

Local marketing SEO If you have a bricks and mortar storefront, one of your main priorities should be Local SEO.  Local Search Engine Optimization shows up, specifically on mobile searches, in  a special place ABOVE the standard organic search results. Local SEO results will provide driving directions, reviews, contact information for the business and a link to the website. For bricks and mortar business with a storefront, Local SEO should be your main, ongoing focus.


Localized Facebook Ads

One tip for bringing clients to you front door is running a localized Facebook ad that targets your target client base.  What you will be doing is creating a Facebook Ad (you can include Instagram if you choose) which will only show on peoples Facebook wall, who happen to have an interest in what your store sells and is physically close to your business at this exact moment.


This Is How To Create Your Localized Facebook Ad

1. Create a short video about what your business sells and your value proposition. The video needs to be about 25 seconds long.   You can choose to simply upload photos and turn them into a short video too. Be sure to include a photo of the front of your business so people will recognize it when they walk up.

2. Next, create a Facebook Ad where the Objective of the Ad (the first step in creating your own Facebook Ad) is to “Get Video Views”  and use your newly created video.

3. For your custom audience, use your business’s address into the location field and set the radius as small as you would like to reach out.  Possibly one mile.

4. Next, you will use the Detailed Target Marketing options to choose your customer.  If you are selling dog accessories, find people that have an interest in Dogs.  Try to be as specific as possible while keeping the total audience reach at least over 1000. If you are a cafe, find people who have an interest in eating out…possibly even your type of cuisine.  I

5. Set the ad placements to the Facebook MOBILE Newsefeed ONLY.   As pointed out before, you may want to use the Instagram option too.

6. Use ad copy that attracts your target customer, letting them know they are close to you.  Possibly overlay the address in the video or as an overlay over one of the pics that make up your video.

7. Set your daily budget.  You may want to start with $10.00 and let that run for a day or so and adjust your daily ad spend either up or down.


Driving Local Business

Running your localized Facebook Ad with your ongoing Digital Marketing Campaign, which should include a high level of Local SEO services, you will be driving new customers directly to your storefront for pennies a day.