Trulia Market Leader Advantage

Trulia One: Trulia Takes Advantatge of Market Leader Purchase

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Trulia is rolling out a new CRM (Client Relationship Manager) that is being offered directly to Real Estate Agents. Trulia One claims to bring all of your leads, including leads from other web portal competitors such as, into one place. The CRM is touted to let you organize and instantly respond to your leads from your mobile device.

Two versions of Trulia One are being offered. A free version, which claims to give you access to all of your leads, instantly alerts you of any new lead and provides some basic e-mail and print marketing. They are also offering Trulia One ELITE at $99 per month, which also includes a website, a more robust e-mail and print marketing suite, one free featured listing, Elite Badge on your agent profile on Trulia’s website and success coaching (whatever that means). They have apparently built this as a mobile first product, understanding that real estate agents are tethered to their mobile devices.

This comes as no shock, since Trulia purchased Market Leader for 355 million in 2013. Market Leader is a well known Client Relationship Manager and real-estate agent tool set used by many in the real estate field. Trulia CEO Pete Flint has stated on many occasions that the goal was to expand their product offering as productivity tools directly to agents. Giving the basic product away for free seems to be a good idea for Trulia as it gives them valuable “real estate” on agents #1 tool–their mobile phone.

As of now, the product hasn’t been released, but you can sign up to get “early access.” Google has used this strategy with great success to build anticipation for a product release.

We shall see . . .