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Customize Your Marketing – Real Estate Cartoons

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Using Custom Cartoons in your Real Esate Marketing

Saying it with a smile. Making the message memorable.  Studies show that adding a touch of humor to even the driest material can aid in lesson retention, in morale boosting and team building.  Using cartoon is a great way to customize your other real estate marketing ideas.

Enter professional cartoonist Graham Harrop

We are constantly getting technical with real estate SEO, talking about the newest changes in Facebook Marketing, but we wanted to offer something a little lighter.

Companies as diverse as McDonald’s and the Bank of Montreal recognize the value of the kind of custom-created cartoons that are Graham’s specialty.  For their conventions, training sessions and executive leave-takings, they regularly commission original cartoons that will highlight an event while remaining respectful of their brand and leadership.  They acknowledge that a well-crafted cartoon can make the difference between rote-learning and intricate understanding.

Now Graham has turned his whimsical touch to creating cartoons for the real estate profession.  His “Little Real Estate Notebook” – available through Amazon by clicking HERE .

The book takes a lighter look at the profession and makes the ideal gift to say “Thank you for the Referral”,  “Happy New Home!”, or commemorates a special event or conference.

Using Real Esate Cartoons in Your Marketing and Training

Cartoons from the book are available for an agency’s newsletter or blog and are especially valuable for seminars – by contacting the artist directly you can obtain permission for their use, or receive rough concepts for tailor-made cartoons exclusive to your requirements.

real estate cartoons “I just want to make people happy,” says Graham Harrop.  His work does simply that.  Whether he is designing a Holiday card for the employees of major hotels and high octane energy companies or turning his inventive mind to enhancing solemn workbooks on infrastructure repair, the longtime cartoon creator tickles the funny bone with his sign pen and can do this for the realtor as easily as he can for his own family.

A fellow cartoonist writes:  “Graham Harrop has what most cartoonists dream of – an unfettered imagination, a sublime silliness and as graceful a way with words as with pen and brush….”