New orleans new mls system

New Orleans REALTORS get a new MLS System!

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The largest MLS in the state of Louisiana, GSREIN (the Gulf South Real Estate Information Network) is prepping to roll out an entirely new MLS system for their real estate agents.

The new MLS system will be available to all real estate agents that participate in GSREIN in the first quarter of 2015.  The new system called Matrix is built by Core Logic, the nations largest MLS provider.  After an exhaustive search for a new MLS and hours of demo’s from just about everyone claiming to be able to build an MLS, GSREIN has decided to move forward with Matrix by Core Logic – Marketlinx.

The Matrix system is built on HTML 5, which is the newest markup language used for the internet that boasts the ability to deliver the newest audio, video and canvas elements  as well as the integration of scalable vector graphics (SVG) content (replacing generic <object> tags).

What Does All That Mean?

Here is the long answer….Since the development of a full MLS takes years to develop, a few years ago, application developers for the web were torn between building their newest system on two competing infrastructures—-Flash and HTML 5.  With Flash being owned by Adobe, and with tons of money to back it,  many MLS providers built their newest systems using Flash.  Its important to point out that Flash does not work on iPhones or iPads—which at the time was not that big of a deal. I don’t want to go into the details of why, but if you care…. you can click here to read why Adobe and Apple dont play well together.

Well… next came the Mobile Technology Boom.  Keep in mind, when beginning development on the next generation MLS, mobile was in its infancy and no one anticipated its impact.  It soon became evident that any chance of delivering a successful MLS would REQUIRE it work flawlessly on mobile devices.  It was starting to look like that HTML 5 was going to be the winner.  Core Logic – Marketlinx found themselves in a pickle when they had went the way of Flash for their newest system which they called Fusion.  What was a company to do if they had spent millions of dollars building their next generation MLS on Flash when it doesn’t work well on mobile?  Well, they decided to just buy the “best of breed” MLS that WAS built on HTML 5—-Tarasoft out of Canada.  They have since renamed it Matrix, added some new features, integrated their own public records database named Realist and purchased an App from Doapp which is already being used in Greater New Orleans.  Now they have a very powerful set of tools for real estate agents.

Craig Mirambell JR of Mirambell Realty, the current President of GSREIN, was quoted as saying:  “To date 1,500-2,000 agents have already participated in training provided by CoreLogic at the board.  The overwhelming response has been positive and the agents experiencing Matrix have seen a vast improvement in speed and functionality. The Agent Portal in Matrix is an exciting new feature for agents and their clients.  Matrix gives the agent the ability to have a platform branded with company logo and an agent headshot. This portal will  provide a location for their clients to view listings, leave notes on properties, and  communicate with the agent directly.  Clients are able to highlight properties as a favorite, or discard at their leisure. The valuable new functions within the platform will continue to enhance the  agents delivery of MLS data.”

Click here for a video overview of Matrix.
The Gulf South Real Estate Information Network (GSREIN) corporation was formed November 1, 1995 and is governed by an autonomous Board of Directors and Officers.  Wholly owned by the New Orleans Metropolitan Association of REALTORS®, GSREIN provides more than 5,000 MLS participants (brokers) and subscribers (real estate agents), which includes the ten parish surrounding area.