What Can DEAN Knows Do For My Real Estate Business?

There is little doubt that Technology has changed the landscape of Real Estate.  It wasn’t that long ago when Real Estate Agents didn’t have cell phones, buyers had to ask the agent for what was homes are available and contracts were handwritten.  Today, well over 90% of buyers are using the internet to search for properties online. There  is an overwhelming amount of Technology Based Real Estate Tools and Services for both agents and clients.  Many Real Estate Agents have built their business over the years through hard work, dedication and truly understanding Real Estate.  Today, that simply isn’t enough.  Buyers and Sellers both expect their agent to be fluent in using technology to get the job done.

Leverage Technology To Make More Money

With all of the technology available to real estate agents today, how do you know what you truly need?  Once you know what you need, how do you know what is the best product to choose?  Once you choose a new tool or service, how do you learn how to use it efficiently?  What do you do when something isn’t working as it should?  That is where DEAN Knows comes in.  DEAN Knows brings decades of Real Estate Technology experience to the table.  In working with some of the largest brokers in the country to strategically leverage technology to assist their agents, DEAN Knows has an intimate knowledge of not only what technology is available but which ones actually work.  In addition, DEAN Knows has personally trained thousands of Real Estate Agents on how to use technology to make more money or save time.

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Real Estate Computer and IT Support

Today with our real estate business so reliant on technology, it can very frustrating when our computers or IT equipment isn’t working as it should.   When your computer is running slow or simply just not working, it costs you time, money and credibility with your clients.  In the past, you had to rely on a “techie friend” to help you out (when they could) or bring your PC or Mac to the Geek Squad or a computer repair shop.  These solutions can cost a lot of money and shut you down from doing business for weeks.  Today, DEAN Knows can get you productive quickly and affordable.  In most instances, we can remotely access your computer and fix the problem.  If that doesn’t work, we can come to you to get you productive again.  We understand that real estate never stops and we understand how important it is for your technology to be working at all times.

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Real Estate Technology Consulting

We don’t believe in using technology just for the sake of being techie.  Real Estate Technology should always make you more money or save you valuable time.  There are literally thousands of technology options available for real estate agents.  With all of the tools and services available today in real estate, you need a plan to leverage technology to stay competitive.  With decades of experience with many providers of  IDX websites, Marketing Suites, Social Media Tools, Lead Generation, Transaction Management, Forms and Electronic Signatures, DEAN Knows can not only put you track but show you how to use it.  Technology will never take the place of your knowledge and experience in Real Estate, but in today’s digital world, you can’t afford not to leverage technology to be able make more money and save you time.

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Assistance with IT Purchases

Whether you are looking for an IDX Website, Computer, Tablet, Phone, Backup, Anti-Virus, Networking Equipment or a new Tools or Service, DEAN Knows can make sure you get exactly what you need.  It can be overwhelming purchasing a new piece of IT hardware or software and everything claims to be the best.  You don’t want to find out later that what you purchased isn’t compatible with the systems you have or find out that you paid too much.  After finding out what you currently use and what you are trying to accomplish, we will scour the marketplace for the best price on exactly what you need.  We can even set it up exactly like you want it and transfer all of your data from your old machine to your new one.  Let DEAN Knows help you with your next IT Purchase, we will make sure you get exactly what you need, no more and no less.

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So Who Is DEAN?

DEAN Knows is owned by Dean Cacioppo.  Dean has worked as a real estate agent, real estate instructor and has years of experience working on the technology side for major Real Estate Brokers, Agents and MLSs.  Dean has sat on the Board of Directors for multiple MLS’s including being elected to President.  Years of serving on a number of MLS Committees for multiple boards, served on the Strategic Planning Committee for Louisiana REALTORS and participated in many task forces and committees for the benefit of all Real Estate Agents in Louisiana.  Dean has provided live training on technology, direct IT and Technological Support to thousands of Real Estate Agents for over ten years.  With years of being the go-to guy on technology strategy, training and support for Brokers and MLS’s, you can now have direct access to Dean for your personal technology needs.

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