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Social Media Advertising Campaigns has changed marketing forever. Very similar to what Google did in the mid 2000’s. Social Media Advertising lets you customize who will see your ad using all of the information that is provided to the platform. You can micro-target your ad very specifically to be delivered only to your potential clients. This reduces your overall marketing spend because you are only paying for your ad to be seen by YOUR customers. Demographic options include, location, net worth, likes, marital status, education, income, needs, wants and purchasing habits and much more.

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  • Customized Social Media Campaigns combined with custom built landing pages have a tremendous conversion rate

  • Once your ad and custom landing page is built, you can re-run it at any time for very little cost

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Let DEAN Knows build your next Social Media Ad Campaign. All advertising includes a custom built landing page on your website to generate new clients for your business. Tapping into the vast amount of data aggregated by social media sites, you can micro-target to your specific customer base, for an inexpensive and extremely effective marketing strategy.

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Social Media Advertising is the Most Cost Effective Advertising Vertical Available Today. With the Ability to Target Your Ads With Laser Like Precision, You Are Only Spending Advertising Dollars on Your Target Audience. Utilizing different social media platforms for different campaigns, DEAN Knows will create a customized digital marketing campaign to fill your needs.

  • Linked In Advertising

    Linked In Advertising fits the need to get in front of business to business clients. Linked In Advertising is also extremely strong at acquiring new talent for your company. With the ability to target market specifically to certain business titles, you can get in front of the true decision maker.

  • Facebook Advertising

    Facebook being the largest Social Networking Site can be extremely effective at reaching your clients. With the immense amount of data Facebook has on its users, you can target market and only display your ads to who you would like as customers

  • Twitter Advertising

    Twitter Advertising can drive customer engagement utilizing special offers, tweet engagements and app downloads. Fitting a specific business advertising need, Twitter Advertising can be extremely effective.

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