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facebook advertising Social Media Marketing For Real Estate

Social Media has taken the world by storm.  72% of all internet users are active on Social Media.  For years, Real Estate Agents and Brokers have struggled to figure out how to turn that traffic into leads.  As of 2014, Facebook itself has over 1.2 BILLION users!  With most of the major Social Media sites now being publicly traded companies, they are now forced to make money for their shareholders. This has brought on the new world of Social Media Marketing.

You may have noticed that you now see “featured” posts in your news-feed on Facebook.  You may also have noticed that the posts on your Facebook Business Page are no longer being seen by the people who “Like” your page.  This is because Facebook is forcing your business to pay to be seen.  Because Facebook has a ton of information on all of its users, you can even target who sees your ad with laser like precision.


Facebook Marketing For Real Estate


DEAN Knows will work with you to design a Facebook ad that specifically targets the clients you want.  When your client clicks on that ad, it needs to resolve to a custom built landing page on your personal website.  That custom landing page needs to have a similar look and feel and be able to convert that traffic to a lead.  In many instances, you may even want to build multiple landing pages (and run A/B comparisons) to see which one converts the best.  DEAN Knows will not only build your ad and your landing page(s), but monitor the traffic daily and make slight adjustments to insure the traffic turns into leads.

You will still need to contact the client within five minuets of them requesting information, but DEAN Knows will do the rest.

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