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Executive Summary

This proposal is to create the website and Digital Marketing campaign for the domain The overall goal of this project is new client generation from both the buyer and seller side by ranking the website for cities/communities in and around the Clear Lake Area of Texas. This is achievable.

The initial build of the website should be 10 pages, which would include 3 “city pages”. Depending upon further research to determine an anticipated ROI, we may recommend up to 10 city pages on your site for a total of 17 pages. IDX will be integrated and have a custom implementation on all city pages. We can use the basic IDX search functions or we can build custom search pages for a minimal cost. Expense for Map Widgets is also minimal.

The website will be built on WordPress and be hosted on your Godaddy hosting account that we will set up and manage. This arrangement ensures that you always retain complete ownership and control of your domain name and your website. All hosting fees for the first year are included with the website build. We will only use fully-licensed stock photos, or photos that you provide. We strongly recommend that you write the copy for your site and we will edit, proof, and SEO your writings, but we can also provide high-quality, original copy for the per-page fee listed in the Price Proposal below. Our price includes the licensing of one “background video” which would be used at a minimum on the homepage.

All of our real estate websites are fully responsive and tested on mobile (phone and tablet) as well as desktop.  All of our websites are built using best practices for on-page SEO including the SEO for the IDX listing results pages and listing display pages.  We include social media icons to easily share any page or post as well as “follow me” social media icons. The lead capture and login for client Saved Searches will be provided by IDX Broker.  We would set up daily, automated backups of the site to your Godaddy shared hosting account. We anticipate the “Go Live” date of the new site to be approximately 30 days after payment is received. Your website will be compliant with all TREC rules and laws.

The Digital Marketing Campaign will center on Search Engine Optimization focusing on valuable search terms in the Clear Lake Area real estate market to be determined by exhaustive keyword research. On-page SEO is included with the website build, so we can immediately begin off-page SEO which is detailed below, but includes citations, publishing high quality, original blog posts with Social Syndication, and building quality, industry-specific backlinks.

As your goal is slow, steady growth we are not recommending our Seller Lead Generation package that is often used to supplement leads generated organically as your website just begins its rise in search rankings. We can add this package any time you request to “turn on the tap” and provide you with high-quality seller leads. Branding Ads, which are used to promote Name Recognition, are not recommended at this time, but should be revisited as we see your website’s rank increase. Upon review, we found an average level of competitiveness for SEO for the peripheral cites and a very high level of competition for Houston. We will see significant positive results within 12-18 months, and after viewing your competition I feel that page one of Google for our search terms is inevitable within that time frame.

At the onset of the project we complete an intensive Keyword Analysis, but through our limited research so far, it seems that the following are contenders so far: “homes for sale in pearland tx” with an almost unbelievable 2900 unique searches per month., “houses for sale in pearland tx,” with 1900 searches last month, “homes for sale in friendswood tx”, with 1300,  and  “Clear Lake Homes for Sale” at 1300 searches is also a contender.  We usually choose three keywords, but there is sometimes compelling reasons to choose either more or less. The search terms will be agreed upon after the keyword analysis.

EDIT 09/23/2017 JM: To be clear, because we pick a handful of terms in the beginning does not mean that those three terms are the only terms we promote. We will find, add and promote many valuable search terms throughout the course of this year and in the future until the time that you say. “that’s enough growth. Let’s maintain this level of dominance.” That is when we reduce your rate and maintain the page rankings for all the keywords we have ranked.

What is Success?

We look at the direct rankings as a subset of the success of our Digital Marketing campaign.  The macro goal of our Digital Marketing campaign is a Return on Investment, gain of market share and overall business growth.  We strive to be a “true business partner” and work with our clients to leverage every aspect of digital marketing to provide a ROI.

Our Plan of Action – The Details

Our keyword research process is used to lay out the groundwork for what key-phrases we will focus on for ranking.  We analyze the number of monthly searches as well as the level of competition for each search. The keyword research will ultimately give us insight on how the website will be structured as well as the words on the page, what topics will have blogs written and much more.

Site Analysis.  In the first month we will create your website paying particular attention to the site structure. This is the URL structure, page names, page titles, page descriptions, meta headers, internal links and lastly content.

Define Money Pages.  Every website has multiple pages, some pages are specifically designed to rank while others are built for functionality.  The pages we choose to rank are what we affectionately call Money Pages.  Upon defining the money pages, we will spend extra close attention to the on-page SEO for those pages and posts. We would then direct new, targeted backlinks to the new Money Pages as well as the homepage.

Site Structure and Internal Links.  We would work with the Sierra to come up with a very indexable site structure which would include strategic internal link placements. We generally attempt to “silo” the site, creating very specific silos – with the main “money page” at the top and subordinate pages below.  Each page within the silo should have internal linking ONLY to other pages within the silo if possible.

Content Marketing.  We would provide a minimum of four, custom blog posts per month, each with a minimum of 650 words (many will have more) and photo copy-write purchased. Each blog post is real estate specific and is written by a professional copywriter.  Each blog is uploaded to your site and on-page SEO implemented.  Included is the licensing of all photos.  Every blog we post is then chopped up and sent in for 30-45 days of social syndication.  For the social media syndication – we will need an RSS feed implemented, which contains ALL of the copy and photos for each blog post.  Once every quarter or so, we would write a “cornerstone” or “evergreen” blog.  These are blogs specifically written to rank for a competitive long-tail keyword and would contain approximately 1500-2000 words.

Copy For Existing Money Pages. Once we have defined the money pages for the site, we will request that you, or someone on your team, write some additional copy for each page.  Because of the uniqueness of each city, it is best if written from a perspective of someone who really knows the area.  With your specific money pages being on cities and communities in your area, it would be extremely challenging for us to write ORIGINAL content for those pages. The more important and competitive the money page, the more copy needed.  Best practices should be a minimum of 500 words per money page with the most competitive requiring over 1000 words.  We can assist with the more general copy with your team provide the more area specific information.  We will wordsmith, augment, format and SEO all copy for best results.

Backlink Creation.  With backlinks at the center of any SEO campaign, we will first evaluate your existing backlinks, noting which we will push link juice to.  Even though at first glance, we do not see any negative backlinks, we will review for spammy backlinks and create a Disavow file within Google Search Console. Upon completion of maximizing your existing backlink profile, we then set out to provide new, high authority backlinks to our Money Pages.

Citations.  Citations online mentions of your real estate firm by sites such as Yelp, Foursquare, Yellowpages and others.  Citations are critical for local SEO, but MUST have a consistent NAP (Name, Address and Phone Number) on every account.  We will first audit all of your existing citations, correct any with misinformation then create new citations on your behalf.  Another critical aspect of Local SEO is having a proper Google My Business Account set up.  We will review your GMB profile, correct any errors and set up from scratch if needed.

Review of other technology.  We would audit all of your existing sites and technology in an effort to maximize everything you have – insuring that everything is working in concert for the same SEO/Digital Marketing goals. With you having other websites, with existing backlinks, we may have some avenues worth investigating which utilize the authority of your other sites.

First 30 Days.  We are very busy within our first 30 days on your project.  In the first 30 days we will complete the keyword research, create or gain access to Google Analytics and Google Search Console, set up localized and nation-wide search terms for monitoring, complete Citation Audit, run full domain metrics and set up monitoring, set up seller lead landing page and follow-up, complete and post four blog posts and social syndication and lastly set you up in all of our internal systems. We will also complete a full Citation Audit and have a game plan for Citation creation.  In the first 30 days we will have started the site analysis and would expect that to be completed by the end of the second month. Also, within the first 30 days we would review the current backlinks and make a list of links that we would point tier 2 backlinks to.  In your particular situation (good backlinks with little PA) this would be the “low hanging fruit”.  Depending on the overall number of good links — this could last multiple months.

Time To See Results.  Search Engine Optimization  takes time to be properly implemented and for the site to start ranking.  With the sparse metrics of the domain, it will take some work to become competitive even for the peripheral areas. The good news is that the work put forth in ranking the outside areas will benefit the long term goal of ranking for Boston real estate keywords.  We want to be VERY clear that Digital Marketing in the real estate vertical is a marathon, NOT a race.  With SEO, we generally see a reduction in rankings prior to a steady increase in SERPS.  True success comes from creating a solid digital marketing plan, implementation, measurement and adjusting.  In addition, SEO takes time to implement.  We would anticipate the full SEO results (for the peripheral areas) would not be achieved for 12-16 months and the full Boston keywords another year after that.

On a positive note, we offer a substantial reduction in our monthly charges when we achieve a point in which you no longer want to move UP through the rankings.  At a time determined by you, we can reduce our charges by up to 30% when we have achieved a specific page one ranking,  From there, we will maintain the rankings.  *See bottom for more info.

Cost Proposal

Website Build

10 Page Website with On-page SEO – $2,100

  • 7 pages – typically Home, About, Contact, Buyer, Seller, Search
  • 3 City Pages (or geographic area)
  • 1 year Godaddy hosting
  • All Photos Licensed

IDX Implementation – $400

  • Build subdomain
  • Build search page
  • Build city pages

Custom IDX Search Pages – $250

  • Custom predefined search page
  • Map integrations
  • Any other custom requests

Each additional Webpage – $100

Quality Original Copy, 1 page, 650+ Words  $110

 $3200 – Minimum Total for Website Build with Basic IDX

SEO Services

One-Time Setup Fee – $1,400   $700 HALF PRICE SEO setup fee with Website Build.

The Setup Fee for the Full SEO package is normally $1400. This money is used to purchase items that will benefit you directly and often benefits every client additionally our technicians are much happier. The first month also involves many long hours of tedious, but incredibly necessary tasks. The Setup Fee ensures helps defray the extra


SEO Services$1900 / month

  • Local SEO
  • Traditional SEO
  • Content Marketing – Minimum of four original content blog posts per month
  • Social Syndication – 30-45 Days for every post


When we have achieved our ranking goals, we have the option of reducing our costs up to 30% for SEO services.  This is done when you, the client, feel we no longer need to push for higher rankings.  As it is easier to maintain SERPS than it is to move up through them, we can reduce our price when you are satisfied.  Moving forward after that point, we will maintain the current rankings by continuing our process, simply at a reduced pace and cost.

*Note to Digital Marketing Customers

We don’t believe in contracts. It’s only fair that if we choose to no longer do business together, we should have that right. We are the ONLY SEO agency that I am aware of that doesn’t require a contract.  This works in the favor of you, the client, as we must earn your business every month.  For this reason, we do bill in advance.

A Holistic Approach To Digital Marketing

Although we can price out specific pieces of the overall Digital Marketing Process, we have found that the best results are obtained when all pieces are working in concert creating synergy.  Although some aspects of your project will receive almost immediate results, such as Google Pay Per Click and Social Media Advertising; SEO is a much longer term project but reaps long term results.  Most SEO campaigns take between 12 to 18 months to come to fruition.  When your search terms have ranked, we will reduce your monthly services price by 30% and maintain the rankings.

Project Management

We believe in total project transparency.  Because of that, we have created our own Project Management System which provides direct access to every phase of your project.  Utilizing a graphic interface our Client Portal lets you see exactly what has been done as well as what is on the agenda.  Below are some screen shots of our custom built Project Management System.

We also produce monthly global reports on Search Rankings, Website Traffic, Domain Metrics, Ad Success and Pay Per Click.

project management
client portal

About DEAN Knows

Thank you for considering us for your digital needs.  We do things differently here. Before we dive into the proposal, we want you to know this about us:

  1. We love what we do.  If you take a look at our blog you will see our passion.  We don’t just pitch these services, we live and breathe them.
  2. We focus on providing a solid return on investment.  This is achieved by utilizing the right tools for the right project. With years of lead generation, SEO, Branding and client capture experience..We don’t just rank your website, we create new customers.
  3. Dean Cacioppo has over 14 years of high level SEO and Digital Marketing experience.
  4. Everything we do is custom.  There is no such thing as “marketing in a box”.  Every proposal we create is unique and catered to our customers specific needs.
  5. We do SEO differently. Shop around, you won’t find another proposal formatted like this.  SEO is no longer about putting keywords on a page.  It’s about combining a variety of Digital Marketing techniques to create a synergy to provide YOU with a solid ROI.
  6. When you are our client, we are there for you.  Mornings, nights and weekends – we are available.  We strive to be true business partners with our clients by being a catalyst for growth.
  7. In addition to the below proposal, as partners we are always available for consulting on technical issues or peripheral marketing initiatives. We know technology.

Full List of Services

  • Website Design with IDX – We have the ability to build a totally custom IDX powered website (utilizing IDX Broker) with the proper URL structure, calls to action, on-page SEO and usability best practices.
  • Keyword Research – At the onset of each project, we use a variety of tools including Google Keyword Planner, The Last Keyword Tool and SERPED to provide an extensive list of direct and latent keywords which make up the foundation of the on-page SEO, content creation, Google Pay Per Click and Social Media Ad Campaigns.  All of the results are available at any time within our Client Portal. This detailed keyword research will let us know exactly what to rank the site for to get the best traffic and conversion.
  • On-Page SEO – With the building of the new site, we would include all On Page SEO in the site build.  This gives a solid foundation for maximizing Google’s best practices including  the URL Structure, Meta Titles & Descriptions, Headers and Internal Linking.  Since we are building the site from scratch, we would include Silo’ing the site to include parent/child page relationships to maximize inbound links.
  • Citation Building – A citation is a mention of your business name with another piece of business information, such as your phone number, address, website, or a combination of the three. Citations are important for ranking in Google’s local search results, so the more of them you have from quality sources, the better your business is likely to rank. We create accounts with back-links on over 40 Citation Websites such as Yelp with your consistent Name, Address and Phone Number (NAP)
  • Content Creation – As the engine of content marketing and SEO we would have our copywriters create original articles, each approximate 1000 words, on industry specific topics.  Each blog post is written utilizing SEO best practices.  In most instances, we also augment the copy on your existing pages to maximize keyword density.
  • Social Media Advertising – Our Targeted Social Media Advertising, generates immediate traffic by targeting your customer and creating a custom ad which will be displayed on their Facebook News feed.   Each ad will resolve to  on your website delivering the content that caused the user to respond.  We target sellers in strategically chosen markets to create multiple custom audiences.  All Facebook Ad charges are included in our price
  • Twitter Explosion – As an added benefit to all DEAN Knows customers, upon request, we will automate your Twitter account to tweet, like, retweet, follow and unfollow on your business Twitter account.  This process has been proven to grow most accounts (depending on the vertical) by 10-20 new followers per day.  *NOTE* This product can not be added to a brand new account — if the account is to be created, it will be added after some followers have been naturally created.
  • Social Syndication – Social Signals are becoming increasingly important for Search Engine Rankings.  Google looks very closely to what content is being shared on Social Media.  Our proprietary system takes each blog post, chops it into multiple pieces then sends each piece to multiple real people to share on multiple social media platforms.  This generates up to 200 Social Signals per each blog post!
  • Link Building – Link building is the cornerstone of SEO.  Creating links back to your website, from relevant, quality websites takes time, patience and a lot of work.  We have a group of partners which we provide content for in which we can produce high quality backlinks.  At the onset of our project, we also create a list of potential link targets and reach out to the webmasters and business owners to create quality backlinks to your website.
  • Social Media Management – We would post to the big four social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn daily on your behalf.  These would simply be industry related posts which shows activity and drives new customers to your social media pages
  • Social Media Profiles – We would either create or re-work your existing social media pages using industry best practices and creating proper branding and consistency between all channels.
  • Reporting – We will provide monthly reporting on a variety of metrics on the effectiveness of your ad and your Social Media Profiles.

Client Record

The question always comes up…what clients have you been successful with?  Although Every client has different goals and budget, we have rave reviews and tremendous client satisfaction.

Latter & Blum Family of Companies – Ran SEO and web development, social media and online presence for the #1 real estate broker in Louisiana.  All brands including Latter & Blum, CJ Brown, Van Eaton & Romeo and Noles Frye.

Donaldson Education – Provide full Digital Marketing services and currently rank for all major search terms.

MHM Urgent Care – 18 location Urgent Care.  Currently ranking for highest ROI keywords in each respective area for local search as well as standard SEO.

Elevate Realty Group — Full Digital Marketing.  Dominating all major and minor search terms and generating tons of daily leads.

1Percent Lists — Full Digital Marketing.  on page 1 of Google for many of the required search terms.  Tremendous successes with new lead generation.

Lakeshore Louisiana – Ranking for all major keywords and created a successful lead generation aspect.

NOLA Property .net – 7 months in SEO project, brand new domain brought from no existence to currently page 2 results for main keywords.  Consistent online lead generation.

Central City Millworks – Local and traditional SEO with many page 1 rankings

Palmetto Addiction Recovery Center – Full SEO Services

Louisiana Charter Fishing – Full SEO Services

Valente Real Estate – Full SEO Services

Nate Walker Properties – SEO Consulting and lead generation setup.  Generated almost 5,000 leads in the last 12 months from website promotion.

DEAN Knows (house site) — New domain, ranking between 1-3 for hyper competitive SEO keywords.

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