Facebook Advertising for Real Estate

 Facebook Advertising For Real Estate

Social Media Advertising
Social Media Advertising


DEAN Knows has been working for months to “crack the code” on getting Real Estate Seller Leads utilizing Facebook Targeted Advertising. We have gone through countless Ads, Landing Pages, Conversion Pages, Photos and Specific Copy. We have spent hours analyzing conversion on each slight difference and now feel confident that we can GUARANTEE Seller Leads!


  Our Process For Seller Leads


Our process starts with analyzing the specific market area in which you work.  We look through a variety of localized real estate statistics to find the perfect statistic that will encourage a click from your target audience on Facebook.  We then create a series of Custom Landing Pages on your website (if applicable) or we can camouflage the landing pages on one of our conversion sites.  These custom landing pages walk your new home-seller leads through a series of pages acquiring new information on each page.  We then have each landing page send you the information directly to your inbox.  We even save a copy of all leads generated in case you have an e-mail issue. We then create a Custom Facebook Audience that will target homeowners in your particular area.  We use our custom made graphic that has been proven to generate the most leads and then place your statistic in specific places above, below and beside your ad and choose a specific ad location on Facebook.  Lastly we place the Facebook Ad to hyper-target homeowners in the area that you request.


We Provide Two Types of Seller Leads


Soft Leads

These leads have inquired on an ad which was hyper-targeted to homeowners in your preferred market area.  With Soft Leads, we only get a sellers Name and Address.  These type of leads can be followed up on in a variety of ways.  At a minimum, we recommend snail mailing them a RealList Property Report, but you can also attempt to look up their phone number and call, find them on Facebook or even visit them at their home.  We usually receive 5-10 Soft Leads per day on our campaigns.  In addition, these leads are great for re-targeting your ads in the future.

Hot Leads

Hot Leads have responded to the same hyper-targeted Facebook Advertisement, but they have gone through the full process and provide you with additional contact information including their phone number and e-mail address.  These leads are expecting you to contact them within 5 minutes and will be anticipating a CMA on their home.  We generally receive 1 Hot Lead every day on our campaigns.  In certain market areas, we have received as many as 10 Hot Leads per day!


Facebook Advertising
Advertising –

How Often Do The Ads Run?


We have found that it is best to NOT run the ad consistently.  Although this is counter intuitive for most marketing campaigns, we have received the best results running the ad for 15-21 days then removing the ad so it doesn’t get “stale” in your prospects Facebook News Feeds.  We recommend running each Facebook Ad for at least 6 months.


Do The Ads Stay Effective?


Every Soft and Hot Lead that comes in gets analyzed and certain data points get extracted so we can even further hyper-target your ads as time goes on!  This gives us a unique ability to get more efficient every month at delivering quality leads directly to you.


Can You Guarantee Leads?


YES!  We do guarantee that you receive seller leads.  We will GUARANTEE that you receive at least 15 leads per month out of your target audience.  All of our Social Media Campaigns have generated substantially more leads than that, so we will refund your monthly fee if you don’t get at least 10 seller leads (including soft and hot leads) within one month.


How Much Does It Cost?

$250/One Time Setup

Per Campaign


6 Month Minimum


Building Of 3 Custom Landing Pages
Statistical Background Information
Set-Up and Testing Of Lead Delivery
Creation of Facebook Ad Graphic and Copy


Placing Your Facebook Ad
Monthly Reworking Of Your Ad
Analyzing of All Results
Backup Of All Leads

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